Wednesday, March 1, 1989

About me!

So I figured since a few people actually read this blog now, I'd better say a little bit about me! I don't really write these sorts of things more often, so hopefully it doesn't come out pompous! Pompous. What an odd word.

Anyway, my name is Emma, I am 22 years old and I live in Brisbane. I've been with my lady Nadine for almost 3 years now and we live in a little flat together with our two cats, (Jamaican) Bob and Charlee. Both lady cats, Bob is a ragdoll cross and Charlee is a domestic short hair. Bob doesn't ever make noise, but when she does we give her anything she wants. Charlee never shuts up. They are both technically rescues. We got Bob from an old flatmate and Charlee from a shelter Nadine volunteered at. They hate each other but they tolerate each other's presence at mealtimes. It works :)

Bob waiting to be ironed in my messy sewing room

Charlee doing what Charlee does best
I've completed a Certificate 3 in Horticulture and currently work full time at a production nursery. I'm on the maintenance team which essentially means I weed. Lots and lots of weeding (among other things I assure you. I love it but it doesn't pay me enough so this blog is still for people on a tight budget.)

I'm a little socially awkward and I'm not a huge fan of being in the mosh pit of a mall. I'm into DIY, I'm teaching myself to sew clothing, I love to paint and draw when I'm in the mood and sometimes I read a helluva lot of books. I aim to have a flourishing vege patch but at the moment it's a bit run down and neglected.

I wanted to be a vegetarian since I was in highschool. Funnily enough it had nothing to do with my health or animal rights (in the first place) it was because I had a crush on a girl who was a vego. Hahahaha, classic. Anyway, nothing ever came of it until I moved out of home. I didn't want to cause any inconvenience to my parents, you know, having them cook me separate meals for example. So, I started uni, moved out and became a vegetarian living off spaghetti, pesto, greek yoghurt and those Continental Pasta Side Dishes. Awesome!

Nadine had been a vegetarian and on/off vegan for about 10 years when I met her, so when we moved in together we decided to try veganism for real. Our way of easing into it was to do one month vegan/one month vegetarian, and with each month it became easier. We ate less and less dairy and eggs without even trying. We decided to become completely vegan after we got back home from a trip to Europe in '09 and have never looked back since. I believe our health has improved quite a damn lot, and I suddenly really like being in the kitchen, cooking and baking.

We are vegan because we care about animals, the environment and our health. We don't eat any animal products (that includes gelatin and fish and honey) all our cosmetic products are vegan, and we don't wear animals either. Unfortunately I have to compromise with my work boots, though, stupid Australian standard. I buy the ones with the least amoiunt of leather in them and wear them til they fall to pieces. We feed our cats free range chicken because they are cats. Cats are carnivores. Humans are not.

I made this blog originally to show my family that I wasn't starving myself, that I was healthy, and I could eat food without a decomposing piece of animal on the plate. Also many people seemed to think I was going to go broke spending heaps of money on all this 'special vegan food', so I felt I needed to prove that I wasn't. But now this blog is mainly for my amusement!

If you do read this blog and like something please leave me a comment :) It puts me in a good mood :)