Monday, July 16, 2012

Some eats and new stuff

We found cous cous made from corn at the supermarket. It costs about the same as regular wheat cous cous (which makes my stomach hurt like a mofo) and you cook it the same way. It's nice, but itsn't much like actual cous cous. I think it tastes like as if I had got a bit of frozen corn, defrosted it and blended it til it was chopped up. Nadine thinks it tastes like the crumbs on the outside of nuggets. It's a good quick standby grain but I won't be running to the shops to buy more...
Speaking of corn I've mostly been eating polenta porridge for breakfast. Cheaper than the quinoa stuff. This one is just polenta, strawberries, banana and lots of homemade applesauce.
At $6 for 300g of pasta this is Not Cheap. In fact, it's even MORE expensive because even though it says it serves 4 on the packet, I think it'd be stretching to serve 2. However it is damn delicious, chewy like gluteny pasta, and doesn't go mushy. It was divine. Special Treat Only I think.
I'm going to stick to my regular gluten free pasta I buy at woolies. Can't remember the brand but it's in a green bag and costs about $3.50 for 500g. In this picture I just roasted some potato, brussels sprouts, capsicum, onion and garlic in a little oil, and just before they were done I mixed in some lemon juice and a crap ton of black pepper. Served on GF pasta. It was pretty damn good.
Microwave self saucing pudding certainly self sauced here! Next time I make it I'll write it all down and take a better picture to share. It's so good and makes a nice quick dessert when you want something just that little bit extra after tea.
We went over to my sister's new house to have tea and she made us this delicious Japanese curry with potatoes, peas, carrot and chickpeas. I wanted to eat seconds but she had a apple and raspberry crumble in the oven. Which was pretty amazing too =D

Well there will be lots of cheap bean-and-rice type meals over here in the near future since apparently I have to get the clutch in my car replaced soon. Ah the joys of modern living. Good thing I really like rice and beans =D A good eat cheap tip I always liked was to eat in season. For example cauliflower is not in season in the summertime, so why spend $5 on one tiny cauli? At the moment it's about $1.50, since it's in season. And they are rather large. Buy in season.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello July!

It is, indeed, July already. People are already buying Christmas presents, either doing their tax returns or throwing it in the too hard basket, and shivering under MANY MANY BLANKETS AND/OR DOONAS.
BECAUSE IT IS SO COLD. Actually it's not so bad right now because it is raining, foggy and humid. Our cats have the right idea - Charlee finds the hot water bottle and sits on that part of the bed. Hogger.
It was BLOODY FREEZING when we got up for the half marathon. A lot of people wear jumpers they don't want while they warm up them throw them to the side of the road when done with them. They get collected for the red cross or some other charity I think. Pretty sure I'll do that next year. This year we palmed ours off to Nadine's mother who gallantly got up with us at 4am for support!
I managed to run 15 of the 21.1km (in hindsight this probably wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had, considering the lack of training) and managed to finish in 2:48:34 - 15 mins faster than last year. And it took only a couple of days for my legs to start working properly rather than the week it took last year. I was quite chuffed =D

This Sunday coming we are running the 5k Jetty to Jetty in Redcliffe, hopefully the rain ceases...
In other things, I was nominated by Theresa at the Tropical Vegan for the Food Stories blog award which asks that we share a random fact about ourselves and then pass it along to 5 other bloggers.
Yay! Thank you :) I like to get awards. I dunno about my story telling though, it's mostly just babbling...

So here is my random fact:
I miss my long hair (longer than this picture, I could sit on it but I couldn't find a photo), and the red, and my eyebrow piercing. I've still got the ponytail I hacked off just before my yr 12 formal (considering selling it - how does one go about that?) Can't really get another eyebrow thing cuz there is scar tissue on both and it'll hurt like hell, besides, one got infected and the other...I walked into a door and that was the end of that. I'm going to try dying my hair more naturally with red henna because bleach is just Not Good. I may even keep growing it - we'll see how long it gets before I crack the shits and get the clippers out.

Now for the 5 other bloggers: I nominate anyone who reads my blog to go ahead and do it if you want :)

I promise there will be food in the next post! I found gluten free cous cous! Nadine has been cooking yummy things this week! My sister had us over for a delicious Japanese curry with apple and raspberry crumble for dessert!