Monday, July 16, 2012

Some eats and new stuff

We found cous cous made from corn at the supermarket. It costs about the same as regular wheat cous cous (which makes my stomach hurt like a mofo) and you cook it the same way. It's nice, but itsn't much like actual cous cous. I think it tastes like as if I had got a bit of frozen corn, defrosted it and blended it til it was chopped up. Nadine thinks it tastes like the crumbs on the outside of nuggets. It's a good quick standby grain but I won't be running to the shops to buy more...
Speaking of corn I've mostly been eating polenta porridge for breakfast. Cheaper than the quinoa stuff. This one is just polenta, strawberries, banana and lots of homemade applesauce.
At $6 for 300g of pasta this is Not Cheap. In fact, it's even MORE expensive because even though it says it serves 4 on the packet, I think it'd be stretching to serve 2. However it is damn delicious, chewy like gluteny pasta, and doesn't go mushy. It was divine. Special Treat Only I think.
I'm going to stick to my regular gluten free pasta I buy at woolies. Can't remember the brand but it's in a green bag and costs about $3.50 for 500g. In this picture I just roasted some potato, brussels sprouts, capsicum, onion and garlic in a little oil, and just before they were done I mixed in some lemon juice and a crap ton of black pepper. Served on GF pasta. It was pretty damn good.
Microwave self saucing pudding certainly self sauced here! Next time I make it I'll write it all down and take a better picture to share. It's so good and makes a nice quick dessert when you want something just that little bit extra after tea.
We went over to my sister's new house to have tea and she made us this delicious Japanese curry with potatoes, peas, carrot and chickpeas. I wanted to eat seconds but she had a apple and raspberry crumble in the oven. Which was pretty amazing too =D

Well there will be lots of cheap bean-and-rice type meals over here in the near future since apparently I have to get the clutch in my car replaced soon. Ah the joys of modern living. Good thing I really like rice and beans =D A good eat cheap tip I always liked was to eat in season. For example cauliflower is not in season in the summertime, so why spend $5 on one tiny cauli? At the moment it's about $1.50, since it's in season. And they are rather large. Buy in season.


Joey said...

Your comment about the self-saucing pudding cracked me up - that's some self saucing right there. Bet it tasted lovely though.

And too right on the buying in season - it's strawberry season here, so they're dirt cheap and gorgeous. Try buying them in six months time and they'll be three times the price and taste like crap!

Chua said...

Hello its me again..

I lol-ed at the self-saucing part too! That looks like a little black puddle of joy. Liked your comment on eating in season, it only makes sense too since thats when produce tastes their best. And beans and rice sounds nutritious in all their auesterity. I should be having more myself! Cheers and hope to see more of your posts in the near future!

Theresa said...

Ooh, your microwave pudding looks yummy. We're finally getting to harvest some stuff from our garden - zukes and radishes, so far. Fresh is always best!