Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lasagne and pumpkin scones

Nadine made lasagne for tea the other night =D I think it was the best lasagne I've ever had. She just used home brand lasagne sheets, leftover napoli sauce (that we had with the gnocchi) extra olives, random chopped veg including: capsicum, zucchini, carrot, pumpkin, onion. Cooked beans (1/3 cup [uncooked]each of soy, kidney and pinto beans) and layered it as usual with white sauce (which I ruined and made lumpy but it still tasted okay). Bread crumbs on top are the best bit I reckon.
We ended up with gigantic pieces (we always drink wine with pasta and I think we had a little too much before dinner was served so our eyes were way bigger than our stomachs) so this would definately have served six instead of four. I don't have a recipe because everything was just eyeballed and plonked in the oven :)

I managed to use a little bit more of my 99c pumpkin yesterday - I made scones. They didn't really turn out like what I think scones are like, though. They were more like pieces of moist pumpkin cake. But they were very delicious. I ate two! Shouldn't have because I think they gave me stomach cramps afterwards (too much sugar and cream all at once I think!) but one at a time is just fine. I used this recipe. It was the first one I found and I was sold because it also used the pumpkin seeds I had put it in fridge from the pumpkin. I've been trying to think of something to do with them.
This is what they looked like coming out of the oven (after I'd taken my two pieces of course). You sort of pull them was a little uncooked in the middle, five more minutes would have solved that but it was fine for me anyway. I like dough.

I had mine with a cup of chocolate black tea from a little cafe that has since closed down (very sad), a tiny bit of plum jam, and a great big dollop of soy mock cream. Recipe for that is from Leah Leneman's Easy Vegan Cooking.

I have to say if you do make mock cream with soy milk and cornflour like I do (I can't afford cashews very often!) try to use 'full cream' soy milk. It works MUCH better, and it much closer to the traditional dairy whipped cream we all used to love. Also, I didn't have to add sugar while blending it this time (we always use light soy milk because it has less sugar, fat, in it and tastes much less beany) and it did turn out much thicker than it has before. I love this soy cream - I use it when I make my christmas trifle and it works perfectly :)

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