Sunday, January 1, 2012

A bit of a summery cocktail recipe

Watermelon Champagne Cocktails
Makes 4 champagne flutes


1 cup frozen watermelon chunks
1/2 cup ice cubes
2 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp citrus (or plain) vodka
Sparkling white or rose of your choice
Lime to serve

Put first four ingredients in a blender and blend until it makes a slushy. Divide into four champagne flutes and top up with the sparkling wine of your choice. Or you could use real champagne (it's all supposed to be vegan). Decorate with lime slices and serve!

The wine I used was a very sweet low alcohol content sparkling wine called 'Zibibbo' by Brown Brothers (all vegan). I usually buy Yellowtail sparkling white but they didn't have any :( This wine is still lovely though, and very celebratory. I don't think you have to use a sparkling, though, still white wine would be very nice as well :)
Haven't washed my hair for a week. Hey I'm on holidays!
We were lazy again this new years; finished off the bottles of wine we bought, watched Back to the Future part 3 and hit the sack at about 9pm. There was an excuse! Nadine had to work this morning and I had to drive her and we didn't want to risk a bad breath test :P
This year, instead of resolutions, I'm just going to write down a couple of goals for 2012. The word resolution annoys me! :P

1. I will run the Gold Coast Half Marathon this year. Already started training! I'm back to step one now after my break from the Bridge to Brisbane in...September. Lol.

2. I will change jobs.

Woohoo! Happy New Year everybody, thanks for reading my little blog :)


Theresa said...

Okay, I'm on a commenting spree at the moment, but we had some Brown Brothers Zibibbo just before Christmas. We saw it was sort of cheap, and like that brand, but it was only when we got home that we realised it was only half-strength. It was *so sweet*, I think you made the right choice having it as a cocktail.

Emma said...

@Theresa: my teeth actually hurt while dirnking it! But here it costs like $15 a bottle! Ah, city bottle-o prices.