Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chuck a Choko in!

We've been away for a whole week hooray for holidays! I'll write about that and the yummy food later, but for now here is Bob.
Look how far she bends for a neck scratch!

On our travels we saw a little vege stall on the side of the road with an honesty box - 5 chokoes for $1! They were as big as my head. So I got some. Tonight I made this apple pie for dessert. I've read that chokoes are often used in commercial apple pies (think the maccas apple hand pie thingee) instead of some of the apples so I thought I'd give it a go. I love me a choko so I figured it wouldn't hurt :) It didn't hurt, and it does taste like a storebought thing.

I basically chopped up two large pink lady apples and one small peeled choko and cooked them down to a mushy but still chunky consistency with a little water. I don't usually bother with sugar - they're apples!! Made up a basic wholemeal shortcrust (flour, margarine, water) and made them all up in my little pie press. In that it only takes 10 minutes, but I'm not sure about the oven.

This is a pretty good idea for those who have a choko vine and have a surplus of chokoes and have run out of ideas. :) One day I'll have a choko vine and never go hungry!


Vegan ninja said...

Hate chokoes, its the only vegetable that I wont eat, as in Amanda Palmers song, i think they taste like sadness. Your blog is great and have been reading it for a while but neve made a comment before, hope you dont mind if I add it to my blog roll list.

Emma said...

Aw! I like them because they are like tofu - absorb the flavour of anything you are cooking :).

Thanks! I certainly don't mind.