Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stew, Banana balls, and leftovers!

This is what we had for dinner the other night:
Can't get any cheaper than this I think. Red lentils, onion, a carrot (I added this because I felt like a carrot), some garlic, canned tomatoes and some basic spices. The recipe is called Ethiopian Lentil Stew and it's located here (on the Fat Free Vegan Website).

The recipe I used for Berbere I got from the Oxfam Shop Vegetarian Cookbook. We made it ages ago for another recipe in the same book. It's delicious. We only had smoked paprika though, so I think it's almost a totally different flavour. I'm not going to type it out (I think everyone should buy the book, everything in it is cheap and mainly easy to make) but the Berbere recipe is pretty much the same as the one given with the stew recipe.
The recipe made enough for us to eat well, 3 times each. So I think 6 servings without rice, 8 servings with rice. Or quinoa as we had it.
I also decided to make these banana balls, because I was in a crappy mood and making things makes me feel better. It did. They are also from the fatFree Vegan website: Banana-Cashew Balls. I only had almonds (they are on a good special at my local fruit shop at the moment) so I used those instead. I also used one more date, because I think the ones I have are smaller than the average fresh date. You can usually get them at Woolworths. The balls are delicious, by the way. Good as a snack or dessert, probably good for kids (and me!) to take to school too.
Tonight for dinner I felt like making corn fritters, so we went and bought some frozen corn (Home Brand was 1kg for $2.99 - cheaper than buying 1kg of tinned sweet corn, and the ingredients? Corn. Not Corn 60%, sugar, salt, water).
We had them with some leftover Berebere Stew, and a side of brocolli sauteed with spinach leaves, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and some sesame seeds. As you can see from the picture, there wasn't much of that. We underestimated a little. So we ate all the corn fritters. (Recipe made about 10). Next time I'll have to remember to make them smaller or spread out the batter more because this time it struggled to cook in the middle. Recipe for Corn Fritters I used is here. I just realised I didn't use the cornflour. I'm not sure what difference it would have made, they were fine without.
Mayonnaise used to be a once every now and then treat for me to buy myself when I could afford it. Vegan mayonnaise is expensive! The brand I liked best was about $5 for a small jar. Not anymore! I'm pretty sure it cost me about $2 to recreate it using this recipe. Made about 2 cups worth. It is so delicious. I will be making potato salad (another treat I would make when I was rich) this week. For pretty much nothing. (Just for information: I use apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing as well, also in marinades for tofu, etc. So the huge bottle you buy is worth it).
Life is awesome.


Theresa said...

Just poking through your blog posts and thought I would let you know, if you don't already, that Praise 97% fat free, and Coles 97% fat free mayos are both vegan. Cheaper, though still not as cheap as homemade.

Emma said...

Yes I recently found out about that! But we find it kind of tasteless :) I just made another batch of the above recipe and it comes close to the thick texture of that whole egg stuff, except not ...eggy.