Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Garden update :)

My radishes are powering on! They are almost ready to pull out and eat! Well this one is anyway. All the others seem to be lagging a tiny bit compared. I'm pretty excited. They have had aphids on them (apparently common) so I've just been checking every day and squishing them. Also had a few caterpillars but they weren't doing too much damage. Radishes are such fast growing crops that control is rarely necessary.

They do not transplant well! Those few that I had doubled up on and moved have pretty much had it. They are waaayyy behind all the others.

I've have sown some more radish seeds in a container, one of which has already sprouted, after 3 days! I'll keep sowing them sucessively until I get sick of them I think.
The capsicum seedlings are all doing well - particularly the ones I planted in the old maragarine container. Noticeably. Hmm, who knows why! They are all doing ok though. I of course have way too many (I don't think anyone needs 30 capsicum plants!) but I'll let them go a fair while longer before I start throwing out the weaker ones.

A few I already have to repot - the ones in the cell-pack punnets. Their roots are coming through the hole in the bottom. I'll wait a little longer (maybe a week or so) until I do it though, because that's when I'll have some money to buy more potting mix.

Downside to the potted garden - buying potting mix all the time.
I resuced these banana chillies from a nursery I was doing work experience at. They were practically dead, elongated from being in the cell-pack for too long. Now look! They have flowers all over them and they are giving me nice yellow chillies. Of course the plants are still small so the chillies are also small but that's ok. There will be many of them! I'll need to stake them soon too. They are leaning back a bit too much for my liking.
Most of my tomato seeds sprouted, but most of them went a little rotten. However 5 seedlings were good quality so I've put them into little tubes I had left over from a trip to the nursery. I'm excited for tomatoes - buying them in the shop is so expensive.
My lonely little pea plant...only ONE pea germinated from 9 that were planted. I read the packet and realised I bought a winter pea variety. Dur. It's just too warm. So this one is slowly plodding along - hopefully I gt a few peas.

All my other beans are doing ok - the purple climbing beans only 4 germinated out of 9 which is a pain, but I think that's because the ones that didn't are under the eave of the house and therefore don't get any sun. Also a pain. But the yellow dwarf butter beans are all growing, though I think my stakes will be too short. We shall see. I can always plant more later, they'll probably do better when it's a lot warmer.

Phew...that was an effort. =D I love my gardening. I'm hoping to buy seeds of different vegetables soon - beetroot, eggplant, zucchini. All of which can grow in pots. I've also dried some cucumber seeds from a cucumber I ate. I'll plant them when it gets a tiny bit warmer and see how they go.  

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