Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kebab sticks with peanut sauce

This is one of the best meals I have made lately. Basically kebab sticks with eggplant, button mushrooms, asparagus and tempeh. Serve it on top of rice with peanut sauce! We also drank a glass of rose wine with it too. Instead of actual tempeh, I bought this tofu-tempeh which was 80% tofu and 20% tempeh. We don't realllly like tempeh (hate it haha, It's revolting) so I thought this would be nice as a transition to help get used to it. It's not too tempeh-y but still has some of the health benefits that tofu alone doesn't have.

It doesn't look too pretty with the sauce :) But it was the best damn peanut sauce i've had :)
I took the recipes from this book - the lady who wrote it apparently had a restaurant near my place years ago. I wish it was still there.

The sauce's ingredients were as follows: 1 cup each of peanut butter and coconut milk, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, onion and lime juice. Yummm.

This is the wine we had. I really love this brand!

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