Friday, October 15, 2010

My garden is thriving...

...after the straight week of lovely rain we've had!

It amuses me, this rain phenomenon. There has been a loooongg drought here for the past few years (I'm not sure how I'd put a number on it) but this year (and the year before last) our wet season is a wet season again.

When it rains here it bloody pours, and keep pouring until the sky runs out! Floods everywhere, a fair amount of destruction, wondering whether the end of your street is under water and you'll be able to get to work or not..! For me, this year was tame. I didn't once have to call work to say I couldn't drive through the gushing water! (Though if I had I would have been quite ashamed - a lady I work with had to drive for 2.5 hours to make it to work on time, in a 4wd, through flood water. Yes.) However, the year before last I was living in another flat (though in the same suburb) and a dam or creek or river broke it's banks in the sheer amount of rain that we were having! I wasn't home, but my flatmates car got filled with water and actually floated away. Ha. Lucky I wasn't home because my car would have floated away too! (The neighbour was saved by an old fridge that was under the block of units that had floated/crashed through his fence and lodged itself over the stairs by his front door!

Anyway enough about that stuff. The point was that the garden loved the fresh water.

Butter beans and their flowers are growing strongly!
I am so excited to have my own vegetables. It's going to be a tiny but productive little garden plot. 
Look how bushy they are! There are radishes below them and garlic chives on the right :)

There are my 'purple king/ climbing beans. The 1.5m stakes are too short!

More purple king...the beans are really dark purple but when you cook them they turn bright green.

My soy beans are powering on! I really don't know how they grow, but they are not climbing, and they do have tiny little flowers developing! I shall soon have edamame.

These are the tomatoes I grew from seed. They have grown fast! I'm so excited for fresh tomatoes. I have many tomato plants growing at the moment, hopefully I get lots off them! Behind them is a native violet. Very beautiful shade loving ground cover. You can eat them!

This crown of thorns cactus I bought years ago at a market. It gives me flowers every year and it's growing strong and tall :) I tried to find the picture I took of it when I bought it but I can't. It was as tall as my hand!

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