Monday, January 10, 2011

Low Fat Black Bean Brownies

I'm baking various desserts lately to test out for a small birthday do we are cooking for. These are on the list (the tasteless peach mini muffins aren't, but I'm trying a different recipe soon.)

Mine turned out really thin but that's because I had to use a long rectangular brownie pan to make them. But that's ok :)

I added the optional extra 1/4 cup of oats (except I used oat bran because that's what I had). They were still fudgy and delicious :) I've made brownies using tofu before but these were way better (and not too banana-y which is good because I'm not banana's biggest fan. I sort of chose this recipe so I could get more banana in me without having to actually eat a banana.)

I'm also trying to lay off the sugar, so I didn't add the optional sugar in the recipe. It didn't need it anyway!

The recipe is from Happy Herbivore.

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