Sunday, January 2, 2011

Obligatory 2011 resolution post?

I never make New Years resolutions. Well, I lie, I make half hearted suggestions to myself and immediately forget them!

Every year since I can remember I've said 'This year I'll go to the beach to swim more'. And every year since I can remember I'll go to the beach once, remember why I don't like it very much, get sore ears and sand up my bum and come home and don't go again until the next December. So I think that's a pretty useless goal isn't it? Haha. Maybe if I don't tell myself to go, I'll actually go more often? I do like the beach, I just have to remember to get out of the water as soon as my ears start hurting, and learn to ignore the sand. It's kind of unavoidable. (Though in Nice the beach was made of round rocks and pebbles – brilliant idea, France!).

Going to the beach is hard from where I leave. Though we are in a coastal city, the nice beaches are an hour's drive away, no matter which direction I choose. (I generally choose North – we went on a short holiday to Noosa beach at the beginning of last December [2010] and it was fantastic even though it rained everyday. Queensland also seems to have turned the beach showers back on so the sand can go away sooner now ;)).

So, this entry isn't about the beach, funnily enough. I've decided to make a few goals for myself for 2011. I'm older and have more self control now, so maybe it'll work out well :)

  • This one seems to be popping up everywhere. Spend less money. I don't really spend that much money (or I thought I didn't) but my savings account has whittled down to zero too many times that I really need to not spend. Seems obvious doesn't it? Besides, big things to buy will be coming up soon. Car. House, maybe one day. If I have no money then that won't happen will it?
  • I aim to cook more of my own recipes this year, so I can post actual recipes on this blog for people. How boring is it when you just see a picture of someone's lunch? This isn't a food diary! I don't particularly want readers to think I have some sort of eating disorder.
  • This one ties in with the first, make more of my own clothes, and try to only buy second hand materials and other supplies. Vintage fabrics can be very expensive (I just blew $70 on two fantastic curtains from the 70's!! I have been looking at them for months, and still wanted it, so I think I can validate that purchase*) but recycling is very important to me. Most of my clothes now are from op-shops or vintage stores and I like them. What's the point of making my own clothes out of new, expensive, probably sweat-shopped fabrics? I have vast amounts of fabrics in my sewing room now anyway. Use that before I buy more!
  • This one is more of a joint goal since we both share house responsibilities. Keep on top of dishes! And cleaning! We don't want our home to be turned into an episode of How clean is your house? We aren't dirty people, but with a tiny kitchen sink from the 50's, dishes do tend to pile up and take over the country, you know?
  • Another one that pops up all over is to get more exercise. This doesn't apply to me as my job is pretty much 8 hours of movement (ie. Exercise). So getting more exercise in a 40 hour gym week is useless. However since I am moving so much my muscles – legs, back, arms, neck, you name it – need help. So yoga is this years goal. I used to do yoga 6 days a week before I crashed my bike and hurt my wrist and leg, and even though they have been fine for a number of weeks now I haven't bothered to pick it back up. (Which is silly because now is when I need it most!) I fully intend on paying for a weekly yoga class to help me along. Most places seem to do Saturday sessions, which will fit in perfectly.
So that's it. I think that's doable. We'll see next January, huh.

I'll leave this blathering entry with my favourite picture from 2010!
Every year is a new start!

*The curtains are two different patterns. One is going to continue to live as a curtain in our living room, and the other is turning into an awesome dress when I can find appropriate patterns :)

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Theresa said...

Great resolutions! I'm with you on the yoga and saving resolutions. I'm planning to sign up for classes at the gym on campus, to motivate me to keep practicing at home. When I am not going to a class, I have a tendency to get lazy!