Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lilly pilly flavoured alcohol? Bring it on!

We bought this while holidaying in Tamborine - on our wine tour we also got to visit the Tamborine Mountain Distillery (where the rules were only 5 tastings, and all but one [vodka - veeerrryy nice]  must be shared with another!).

We tried various things including: wattle toffee liqueur (uh-mazing), Lemon myrtle vodka (gonna try this one at home!) some sort of rum (or rum flavoured liqueur - I can't find it on the website), plain vodka and our choice was the Lilly Pilly gin (pictured above, and also not on the site!).

I bought a bottle of the wattle toffee for my dad, the gin for us, and fortunately for my bank account ran out of money so we had to stop there (had already bought 500000000 bottles of wine!)

While at the tasting we only had the gin by itself, so the other day I noticed we had soda water in the fridge (to make homemade mouthwash with) and half a lime (yes that yellow thing is a lime - I'm awful at photography it seems) so I decided to mix some up for myself. Nadine is participating in Dry July so she missed out this time :)

Anyway it was pretty delicious :) you could probably make a similar drink at home by making up a regular gin and tonic or soda, and crushing some lilly pilly berries in it as flavouring. For my lemon myrtle vodka I'm just going to stick some leaves into a bottle of plain vodka and hope for the best. I've done similar with a vanilla bean, and since it's now almost black I think it's ready!

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