Thursday, September 1, 2011

Titles are hard to come by...

I got my race card in the mail, finally! Check out that number. Apparently there's about 50,000 people doing this thing. Dude. Are there that many people in Australia? Far out. I've been keeping up with my training quite well. I can now run jog 4.5km without stopping, for which I am quite proud.
Nadine baked me some cupcakes (woohoo!) today. She chose the Dulce sin Leche cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. But for the icing, instead of what it said she just made a basic chocolate icing which was delicious. I want another one but apparently I have to make them last til Saturday. Bah.
I had a beer the other night and a friend decided to join me :) I nearly had a heart attack, but it wasn't nearly as bad as when the cane toad came flying out of the potting machine at me! It was still alive so we let him go. Poor thing must've been terrified going around and around. I also nearly stood on a water dragon - the animals are coming out now! Just in time for spring :)


Susan said...

Good luck in the run! My knees mean that jogging and running are pretty much a no go zone for me. I wish I could run though, it seems like everyone gets so much out of it!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so you can eat more cupcakes then. :)

Emma said...

@Susan: Thank you!