Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A blast from the past

I recently sold my old car, and after paying a fair chunk of it onto my credit card, I decided to go nuts and buy a heap of things I don't normally buy, and one of the things I got are those creepy frozen vegan prawns by Lamyong! (in the description of them on this page it says they contain gluten, soy and dairy. The packet says vegan on it though, and I bought them at the Green Edge, an all-vegan shop.) I know, right? Ew. They even had the pink bits on the back. I don't know how they do that. On the packet it says they have the texture of gnocchi. As unappealing as that sounds I still bought them just to try, because why not? Besides, I wanted to put them in Tom Yum soup (which I did, but my camera died so I couldn't take a good picture).

To test them out in all their fake prawny glory, I decided to make simple garlic butter prawns, a treat of mine I used to make back in the days when i worked at a fish n chip shop. I basically mixed together a lump of vegan margarine with a grated clove of garlic, and fried the frozen fake prawns in it until they were cooked. Didn't take long. I then tried to make my fake prawns swimming in garlic butter a little bit healthier by putting them in a bowl of baby spinach and a sliced avocado! Black pepper on top completed the lunchtime snack.

Okay, small review. These things made me feel sick they tasted so real. Gnocchi texture? Notsomuch. I'd say it was pretty damn close to a real prawn. If you are a vegan who has never eaten a prawn but may be curious, these are a pretty damn close substitute. I'm planning on making some sort of prawn salady thing with homemade cocktail sauce for Christmas lunch with these. We'll see how it goes.


Susan said...

Gah. The faux prawns are one of the few things I cannot tolerate as a vegan. They remind me spookily of seafood extender. I always get Loving Hut to take them out when I get the laksa!

Emma said...

@susan: seafood extender! That's exactly right. Revolting.

PS Laksa is like, my favourite ever. I must find this loving hut place.

Susan said...

You do not know of Loving Hut? It is on Logan Road and Mount Gravatt. We should go there sometime, the food is great!

Also, I have given your blog a Liebster award, details are on my blog post for MoFo day 21. :)

Vegan SJ said...

I have a box of these in my freezer and now I don't know if I'm excited or scared to give em a go!

Emma said...

@Susa: yay that would be so great :D And ahhh an award! I find it so hard to choose things.

@Vegan SJ: give em a go! If you don't like them you never have to buy them again. I'm thinking of chopping them up and putting it in some kind of sushi.