Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Been baking up a cyclone lately.

First, it was the bagels. (I also baked some carrot muffins on the same day as the bagels that I've posted about before).
And now I am foraying even further into the vast world of Bread.
With these pumpkin scrolls I found randomly somehow on Actually, they are called Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls but to me they are scrolls. I've always called this type of thing scrolls. I opted out of the rum icing, because I had no rum (and whiskey would not suffice this time) and I don't really like icing. *get's shot by fellow bloggers* Besides, this bread is so sweet and so moist and so delicious it doesn't need any. When I make these at Christmas I'll probably put some on, you know, for presentation.
These are surprisingly easy to make. I only made a few substitutions: wholemeal plain flour + 1 tbsp gluten flour for the All Purpose, and rice syrup for the barley malt syrup.

These turned out so soft and like something you'd buy at a bakery. It tastes and has a texture like it was made with soft white flour. They taste to me like a perfect hot cross bun - I might even use this recipe for my buns next Easter. No one will notice they are orange...or they could just be pumpkin hot cross buns! They are sticky - I don't know how I'm going to manage one at work tomorrow, but we shall see.

So this is what I do when I chuck a sickie have a mental health day. Tell ya what, this business of breadmaking is very relaxing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh they look so good!! They would make the perfect breakfast warmed up with some maple syrup.

Susan said...

They look beautiful. Did you make your own pumpkin puree? You know, as you were just whipping up some bagels and scrolls?? ;)

I don't like icing very much either. Why you would ruin a delicious, sweet scroll with sickly sweet icing is beyond me!

Emma said...

@buttonss: Thanks :) they would be delicious as a breakfast actually..too bad they are all gone now!

@Susan: Hahaha, to be honest I'm lazy and steamed some pumpkin, drained it in a colander for a short while and blended it until it was absolutley smooth in my food processor. It wasn't until last weekish that I realised canned pumpkin puree had a purpose (thicker or something...) The dough was farily sticky at first but I just added extra flour and that seemed to make up for the wetter pumpkin puree. And yay fellow icing disliker! Though I can eat bowls of it when I'm making it for something. Hum.