Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mmm carbs

Best flavour combination. Nadine and I went out and drank a fair amount of wine last night and the results are always NEED CARBS NOW and this is usually my fall back hangover lunch.

Long pasta, cliced chilli and garlic (and optional sliced olives and sundried tomato). Plonk a knob of nuttlex on top and voila.
This is what Bob does when it's stormy, like this morning. It's so sad :(
And this is what Charlee does when it thunders! We woke up this morning and found her under the covers too!


Susan said...

Awww... my girls weren't super impressed with the storm yesterday. At least they got to stay inside and stay warm and dry, I had to drive out to work!

Also, yay for carbs. :)

Hannah said...

That looks magnificent! I'm a big fan of all things chilli and olives, but not of hangovers. Oh no, not of hangovers.