Saturday, March 26, 2011


I made crumpets from scratch today for our breakfast! I love Saturdays.

I used this recipe, shared by Mangocheeks at Allotment2Kitchen.

I made some substitutions,, as per always! I used homemade hazelnut milk in place of dairy and wholemeal plain flour in place of white. It took a few goes before I got the hang of making them. The first few I put too much batter in the egg-ring so it turned out doughy and not bubbly, but they started to work well after I realised that! My egg rings are quite small so I could make many more than 12.
I love the little holes. I cooked them up last night, put them in the fridge, and stuck them under the grill this morning to heat through.
Yuuummm. On ours we had lots of nuttelex margarine, jam, and a fruit syrup in place of honey. I ususally buy rice syrup but the shop ran out so I got this instead. It doesn't taste nearly as much like real honey as the rice syrup does, but it does the job. I also think a cream cheese (Tofutti or something similar) would be delicious! I'm going to make some more sometime soon and freeze them.


jess said...

looks yummo! gonna try these myself.
i have been wondering what kind of honey substitute to get, i heard the freedom one was the closest tasting to honey so thanks for the review! ive had the rice syrup before & prefer that aswell i think. I also like vegemite on crumpets!

Emma said...

@jess: honey was so hard for me to give up haha. I had to wean myself off it. I started with agave nectar which is yum but really not honey like at all. But I'm definately happiest with rice syrup as a substitute :)

mangocheeks said...

Oh Emma, your vegan version of crumpets are fantastic. I know you won't mind, so I'm going to put a link from my crumpet post to your adapted vegan version.

Also Thank you so much for the kind mention. Its always appreciated.

Emma said...

@ mangocheeks: Thank you! You can certainly link to this post. :)