Monday, March 7, 2011

Hangover food

Drank waaaayy too much last night? Never fear, Macca's deep fried hash browns need not be an option any longer.

My absolute favourite thing to eat when I've drank too much is pasta. Nothing else quite cuts it in the carb department. Plain tomato pasta sauce with heaps of chilli powder is pretty good, but the utimate is just chilli, garlic, olive oil and basil. B-vitamins are important in recovering from a hangover, so adding a spoonful of nutritional yeast or marmite to this would have been a good idea.
Still feel disgusting by dinner and about ready to crawl under the bed and die?

Noodle soup! I use any kind of noodles I happen to feel like/have, 'chicken' stock powder (I use Massel), garlic, chilli, and a green vegetable. This time I used a brocolli, but beans are good, zucchini, spinach, whatever. Brocolli is best though. Sometimes I put tofu in but it was too hard to open the packet. Heaps of garlic is good and can top up your immune system which the alcohol would have knocked down a bit.

Tasty, easy, healthy and didn't make me want to vomit when I looked at it.

Also always remember, you can prevent a hangover by drinking water while consuming alcohol at a 1:1 ratio (ie. one glass of water for every glass of wine), I also usually try to drink a heap of water before going to bed -or- I mix up some gatorade powder in cold water and chug that. It prevents dehydration which causes the headache and dry mouth of doom. I use gatorade at work so I don't get headaches on hot days. Sometimes water isn't good enough. (I haven't researched it's vegan-ness yet, please don't judge me if it isn't. I'll get to it.)

Or the ultimate hangover-preventative-measure?

Don't drink alcohol!


Theresa said...

Carbs are so awesome after a night of drinking. Andy and I are fans of pancakes for breakfast.

Though in the last few years we've taken the prevention route a bit more - ever since a two day hangover from a few (really very few!) glasses of cheap & nasty red wine, I haven't had it in me to get too drunk.

Emma said...

@ Theresa: We used to be able to drink a whole cask of nasty white 'wine' (wouldn't even call it that any more!) in a day and be fine to go to work the next day. Now we buy nice wine and can't even smell the cask stuff any more.

We went to a show at the suncorp stadium one night and drank a couple of the dodgy beer they had - worst hangover I've ever had. I think it's preservatives :)

I usually just try not to drink too much, the thought of being sick is too much for me haha.

AxL Dad said...

Yum. And yum. I wouldn't need a hangover to like this one :-) Not that I get any of those any more, hah!!