Sunday, May 15, 2011

More wheat berries!

(Excuse my scaly wrinkled finger print-less old lady hands! The camera kept shaking and I couldn't get a clear closeup! I suppose I could have cut it out. Oh well.)

Anyway, I love wheat berries, which is what that picture is of, obviously. I've only got about 1/4 cup left so I need to get some more! You know when you eat something and you feel like you've just done something good for your body? That's a wheat berry. (Except, obviously, if you're wheat or gluten intolerant. I'm sorry.)

Anyway, I made the Lightened Up Protein Power Goddess Bowl (whew!) from Oh She Glows, for dinner tonight since it sounded so good, and I needed an excuse to buy some more tahini. I had to make some substitutions: used wheat instead of spelt (barley would be awesome, too), used brussels sprouts instead of kale, and chickpeas instead of lentils. I also used garlic chives instead of parsley as my plant still isn't up to scratch.
Such a colourful happy dish!

It's really quite quick to throw together, once you have prepped the wheat and chickpeas. It'd be faster if you used a tin of chickpeas but I don't really like them, and the dried kind is cheaper by miles.

We both loved it (Nadine went back for seconds!) but I found that the tomatoes and lemon juice's acidity hurt my mouth quite a bit. But I am strong and chewed through it! It's very fresh tasting, and I hope it picks me up a little. I don't like being under the weather!


Hannah said...

I hope you feel better soon! I recommend lots of chocolate :P

Emma said...

@Hannah: yes I'm thinking lots of choclate too! Thanks :)