Sunday, April 24, 2011


Fettucine with tomato-garlic-olive sauce, Cheezly white cheddar and a basil leaf fresh from the garden.
Just a simple olive and tomato sauce on pasta for dinner these past few nights. I was going to make up some pumpkin gnocchi today to have with it instead of fettucine again but I couldn't be bothered! It shall have to wait until tomorrow - but this was the last of the sauce so I'll make and freeze it for another time!

Anyway, it turns out dad may be able to fix my poor little overheating car tomorrow evening, and today rang around Super Cheap Autos and the like to see if they were open and had any thermostats suitable for my car. And strangely enough the one up the road from my house was open and had what I needed so I jumped on a bike (Nadine's, because my tires were flat) and raced to the store before they closed! A bit of an unexpected cardio workout. It's only a 6 km round trip but the speed coupled with the fact that Nadine is short and her bike seat is very low, the fronts of my thighs burned!

I didn't die though. :)

I had already gone for a walk this morning (up and down our nice little hilly area) to test out my new shoes, and they are lovely! I say it's worth spending a little extra to get good shoes. I wore my last pair twice before they stretched and became too loose for me to even walk in comfortably. These ones are bouncy and hug my feet. Yay! (By the way, I got them at a marked-down price at A Mart All Sports. They are an Adidas womens running shoe - all synthetic materials!)

Tomorrow Nadine and I start training together. This is a terrifying thought. I am a very solitary person and while I love Nadine very much I hate exercising with other people! Ugh. Last time we attempted it I got so cranky we ended up having a silly fight! Oh well - time to toughen up I reckon, considering we'll be stuck exercising together for 21.1km!

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AxL Dad said...

If I pay you money will you come cook for me? :-) These meals sound yum and I'm a lazy person.... xox