Saturday, April 23, 2011

Simple but tasty

The last week or so we've been subsiding on leftovers, and reruns.
Last week we went to the Brisbane Queer Film Festival which is in New Farm, and on the way back we got off the bus in Chinatown, where there are about 5 Asian markets, so I went exploring! I got some noodles for super-cheap, the above vegetarian oyster sauce (of which they had a million options, we just chose the one with the least sugar), some edamame, and some frozen red bean buns!

(We've already eaten all the buns!)

I made a stir fry with the vege oyster sauce tonight. I remember my mum used to make a yummy stir fry (chicken) with vegetables and (fish) oyster sauce, so it's kind of a comfort taste. The sauce I bought tastes pretty good (I can't actually remember what actual oyster sauce tastes like) and it made a nice, simple, homey stir fry.

In other news, my car is trapped at my mums house on the Gold Coast (keeps overheating!) so it'll be getting fixed on Wednesday. Of course it had to happen on the longest weekend in history. Oh well. At least it'll be done, and I won't have to pull over and fill the radiator up with water every ten minutes!

It's times like these I really wish I COULD just rely on my bicycle to get me around. But everything is so damn far away from each other.

Anyway speaking of the Gold Coast, this year we are doing the GC Half Marathon! Pretty excited. It's given me a reason to get up early in the morning and go for a good walk. I know the benefits of this early morning exercise - my legs cramp up much much less at work and I have more energy. But I'm lazy, so at least this is sort of forcing me out of bed in the dark.

Wish me luck. I am determined to love cardio.


Theresa said...

Good luck with your half marathon! Just this morning I started the couch to 5k training program, so I'm also determined to love cardio. We'll see how I go - I've never like running, ever, but I'm going to give it a red hot go!

Emma said...

Awesome! We intend on walking most of the way, with jogging to break it up a bit. I've always hated to run! I just looked up the couch to 5k thing and might use it as a guide! Good luck :)