Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fruit of the Month - February '11 :)

Who doesn't love a perfectly ripe passionfruit in Summer?

This fruit is one of my fruit plants that I will be growing when the space comes to me (along with limes, lemons, blueberries and mulberries). In the meantime I can buy packs of about 10 small fully ripe passionfruit at the fruit shop for about $2. Awesome.

Lately I've just been enjoying them by themselves, or mixed into the yoghurt I take to work, but maybe I'll try me a passionfruit cheesecake! Or passionfruit ice cream...there's an idea.

Ripe passionfruit are dark purple and wrinkly. If you've bought smooth unripe passionfruit a few days on your countertop should do the trick.

A book I got for Christmas has an entire chapter dedicated to passionfruit. The Kitchen Garden Companion by Stephanie Alexander has a few recipes in it using this fruit. The Passionfruit and Dried Apricot Jam on page 493 sounds pretty darn good to me (except for the 1.5 kg of white sugar!!)

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