Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'm posting this just for the buttercream icing. I made the Almond and quinoa muffins I've made once before (I swear I posted them, but apparently not) anyway they are from Veganomicon. They are OK muffins, but this time my chopped dates globbed together and so they were kind of tasteless. BUT the icing, oh, I made it perfect. I'm a shoddy icing putter onnerer but I blame that on my dodgy piping bag. I made the muffins for a tupperware party we were supposed to go to but we didn't end up doing that. So we've had to eat them. Pity :)
This is where I found our cat Charlee the other morning when I got up for work. I don't know how she managed it.
This is the least vomity picture of my yoghurt I could take. I am trying to recreate plain, unsweetened, Greek style yoghurt and I think I got as close as I can be bothered. It's pretty damn good :) I take it to work for morning tea snacks. I mix some frozen berries through it, but the best one was when I mixed fresh passionfruit with it. Maybe I'll get some more at the market tomorrow. The only problem is, it's very time consuming. It's not like the easiyo stuff you just mix with water and let go! I used these instructions, and used arrowroot powder instead of tapioca flour as the arrowroot container says they are interchangeable.

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