Saturday, February 26, 2011

I spend my weekends gardening

Purple carrot seedling
I did end up putting chicken wire over my carrot seeds because I caught bob sitting on them. But then Charlee walked over the chicken wire and ended up uprooting some seedlings, so I had to rearrange it. The seedlings have all got their second (and some third!) leaves on. Pretty excited.

Hot chillies
My chilli bush just keeps on giving! I can't use them fast enough.
Basil grown from seed
Almost as soon as I planted it out into a big pot the basil just grew and grew! Unfortunately since I took this picture the stupid grasshoppers have depleted a lot of the leaves. I've put a mesh bag I use for fruit and veg over it, and I intend on buying some mesh material at Spotlight or something to make little teepees to put over my pots. Damn grasshoppers.

At work we have a 'rejects' section, where plants that aren't suitable for sale go to finish their lives. A bunch of different herbs got shoved in there last week so I nabbed some, this bergamot being one of them. Ignore the horrendous weeds, I haven't gotten around to tidying it up yet. 
I also got this tarragon from the same section. I have been warned not to put it any where near basil otherwise the basil will just be...tarragon.

This pineapple was also from rejects! A client had ordered them and no longer needed them or something so they had to go. I took two, and obviously this one has flowered! It's about twice as big since I took the picture. I'm moving it around with the sun in the hopes that I don't get a bitter pineapple when it's finished growing.
I also HAD a fair few beans growing. They were doing wonderfully under the chicken wire, and then I got lazy. I didn't tie them up to a stake in time so they rotted at the base of the stem for being flopped over too long. Dammit. I take this as my karma for calling in sick to work on Tuesday when I probably could have worked. I'm never calling in sick again. Unless I'm dying. I will plant some more in today maybe, and see how it goes.

And yesterday I went and got some more potting mix, along with some turnip seeds. Apparently I can plant this particular variety right now. I might put them in with my carrots. I also might put some radishes in with the carrots - I've planted them at the moment all around a tomato plant, then I read that they are anti-companion plants. That'll be why most of them didn't even germinate! And the ones that did are crap!

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